Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ancient crater in West Java

Kamojang Crater; 

Kamojang, popularly known as Kawah Kamojang or (the Kamojang crater), is a geothermal field and tourist spot in West Java, Indonesia. The crater is located in sub-district (kecamatan) Ibun in the Bandung Regency, approximately 45 km to the southeast of Bandung through the towns of Majalaya and Ibun. The crater can also be reached from the opposite direction through the town of Garut, in Garut Regency (the distance by road from Garut to the northwest through the township of Samarang is around 25 km).

The volcano that the crater is located on is Mount Guntur but the crater itself is listed as an active volcano of Indonesia because of its geothermal activities.

steam is come out from the ground everywhere...

Swamp with hot water, can cook eggs within a view minutes

Forest in the area of Kamojang crater

There is still many photo I take in this place, I will show to you on the next posts.